naisten laskettelumonot FISCHER TRINITY 110 VACUUM, WHITE, SOMATEC, micro, macro, VACUUM fit ( TÄYDELLINEN kunto )
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Fischer Trinity Vacuum 110 women's downhill boots are the ideal choice for skiers who will appreciate really durable footwear. The shoes support aggressive and fast riding, but at the same time they offer a great deal of comfort. The inner shoe is thermoformable.

The vacuum in the name means that the shell of the shoes can be shaped exactly according to the shape of the limbs. This is made possible by the specially patented VACU-PLAST polymer, developed exclusively for Fischer downhill boots.

The shaping process can be applied up to 5 times and it takes 10-20 minutes. The possibility of completely precise adjustment of each individual limb brings significant advantages: perfect shape in the area of ​​the foot, including a great grip on the heel, which makes the shoe react very quickly and effectively.

Four high-quality buckles and an upper Velcro ensure great stability and comfort of the foot in the ski boot, while the inner shoe guarantees thorough thermal insulation and dryness of the foot.