laskettelu/lumilautailu kypärä ALPINA CARAT blue/white säädettävä ( TÄYDELLINEN kunto )
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The Alpina CARAT children's ski helmet is great for skiing and snowboarding. It perfectly protects against the cold and against injury. This helmet also looks great, so the children ask for it themselves.

Low weight children's ski helmet ALPINA with passive ventilation. The helmet has a system for individual size correction using a wheel and technologies guaranteeing effective protection against impacts. The helmet has a lining made of Dry Wawe material, which quickly brings moisture to the outer shell and stays dry on its own.

Super safe children's ski helmet! The Carat from Alpina is a ski helmet for children and impresses with its shiny, child-friendly Design. It also provides super protection for the heads and ears of Children.

  • InMold Technick: the helmet upper shell is made of polycarbonate and the lower shell of EPS granules
  • Venting System: Ventilation openings in the helmet shell ensure perfect climate control
  • Run System is a head adjustment system with a central rotary wheel
  • replaceable lining
  • pulled down neck warmer at the helmet_back