laskettelusukset ROSSIGNOL PURSUIT 500 CARBON LTD, POWER turn, woodcore, PROPtip,PROPtail + Look NX 12
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Look NX 12
Sukupuolineutraali / Miesten
Suksien tyyppi:
Pujottelusukset / All mountain / All round
Laskettelijan tyyppi:
Aloittelija / Harrastaja / Edistynyt / Taitava
Suksien pituus:
149; 156; 177;
126-74-111 (149cm); 126-74-111 (156cm); 126-74-111 (177cm);
11 (149cm); 12 (156cm); 15 (177cm);
74 (149cm); 74 (156cm); 74 (177cm);

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A dedicated on-trail carving ski, the Pursuit 500 Ltd Carbon delivers power, precision, and playful carving performance to advanced skiers. Rossignol's race-room developed, Prop Tech provides an adaptive torsional flex for improved edge contact and enhanced control, while Power Turn Rocker delivers quick, easy turn initiation and confident edge grip for smooth-cruising hard-snow performance.


Prop Tech - Developed in response to FIS turn radius regulations, PROP TECH supplies an adaptive torsional flex through the forebody of the ski for superior power transfer and control. Vertically machined cuts in the metal laminate release the torsional flex, allowing smoother, more comfortable turn initiation and improved edge contact.

Carbon - Carbon is the Formula 1 of fibers with the most effective strength-to-weight ratio to guarantee enhanced stability and ski-snow contact while remaining ultra-lightweight.

Power Turn Rocker - Designed for on-trail precision, our Power Turn Rocker profile features traditional camber through 90% of the ski length for explosive power, snap, and edge grip, with subtle tip rocker (10%) for easier turn initiation and control.

Poplar Wood Core - Provide a good balance of weight, dampness, and elasticity for a versatile blend of power, agility, and playfulness.

Over-sized Sidecut - Combines deep carving sidecuts with wider, modern waist widths resulting in powerful carving precision and edge grip with increased stability and control.

Sidewall - Constructions feature a layering of core materials (wood, fiberglass, metal, etc) and full-length vertical sidewalls to deliver optimized edge grip, precision, balance, and power.


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