laskettelusukset ATOMIC REDSTER TI, woodcore, titanium + Atomic XT 12
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Atomic XT 12
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The Atomic Redster Ti downhill skis from the sports-tuned Redster range bring a downhill racing feel even for demanding recreational skiers. Optimized geometry will provide you with an extraordinary skiing experience even if the conditions on the piste are no longer ideal.They contain an all-wood Power Woodcore core and the well-thought-out construction is additionally reinforced with Titanium Stabilizer technology. Thanks to this, the skis are really stable even when riding fast and dynamically, even on hard surfaces. The skis have a smaller radius, they are excellently rotating, which is also helped by the front Race Rocker, which facilitates entry into the curve.Wooden core Power Woodcore designed for moderately advanced to advanced skiers reinforced sidewalls Full Sidewall along the entire length of the stabilizing titanium system Titanium Stabilizer structured durable surface treatment technology.

Features :

- Full Sidewall

- Power Woodcore

- Densolite Core

- Titanium Stabilizer

- Structured Topsheet

- Race Rocker