laskettelusukset STOCKLI WORLDCUP LASER GS VRT, woodcore, double titan + VIST 412 VSP
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VIST 412
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The Stöckli Laser GS impresses its testers with precision. The revolutionary VRT technology unfolds its extraordinary qualities in medium to long turns, the ski is extremely quiet at all tempi, once put on the edge, you can fully enjoy the train to the end. In all flywheels, the laser GS receives the highest marks from its testers – even short shots completed this giant slalom ski both drifted and driven on the edge with flying colors.

Their grip is fantastic in every situation, and also in terms of smoothness this racer makes something so easy. Treat yourself to a quiet ride. Even at full throttle.


  • Ski category: Gigant Slalom
  • Rocker typ: V-Rocker
  • Core: Wood/Fiberglass/Titanium
  • Construction: Handmade-Sandwich


Vario Racing Technology - just like the core, the upper titanium layer is also profiled in height, the layer is thinner at the tip and heel compared to the center of the ski:

  • Improved control and accuracy
  • direct and harmonic initiation of the arc

Sandwich sidewall technology - skis folded layer by layer and then glued under pressure - long-proven technology ski production - Stockli already produces all adult and junior ski models in this way

advantages - optimal power transmission, optimal accuracy, long service life

Solid metal edge

  • wider edges on all ski models
  • this feature significantly extends the life of the ski - the possibility of more grinding
  • Exceptional robust materials and clever design protect the ski surface from damage

Full Edge Contact

  • Easier and faster start of the arc
  • increased grip in the corner due to the longer contact area of ​​the edge with the washer

3.0 Top Sheet Structure - surface treatment

  • more scratch resistant scratches are less visible
  • eye-catching look