laskettelusukset DYNASTAR SPEED ZONE 16 Ti Konect, Power ride,m woodcore, titan + Look 12 DUAL WTR
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Look Dual WTR 12
Sukupuolineutraali / Miesten
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Pujottelusukset / All mountain / All round
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The Speed Zone range from DYNASTAR is back again this season with a new design, "Factory", a strong brand identity. Within this collection dedicated to downhill skis, the SPEED ZONE TI 16 is aimed at experienced skiers, providing comfort, power and precision.Equipped with Powerdrive technology, developed in collaboration with the brand's athletes, it will guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride, for maximised control. The tri-material sidewalls offer responsiveness and vivacity, while assuring a soft snow feel. Your practice will be facilitated further by the tip rocker, which improves pivoting and turning.Mounted with the R21 Racing interface, you will experience increased lightness and maximum angulation.A high-performance, comfortable ski to appreciate the joys of the piste in full

  • Good overall performance
  • Ski with grip, particularly efficient for turn performance
  • Very stable once its anchored
  • An energetic, responsive ski
  • Versatile all rounder



Tip rocker: a subtle rocker in the tip only. It allows easier pivoting on flat skis with a combination of gentleness and tolerance in the turns. The tip rocker is adapted to such an extent that, as soon as the ski rests on the edge, it curves to make full-length edge contact.

Sandwich construction: Full-length vertical sidewalls for maximum precision and performance.

Wood core: traditional wood core.

Powerdrive: tri-material vertical sidewalls, combining flexible and cushioning viscoelastic material, a strong and powerful material for transmission and dynamic and shock-absorbent ABS.