laskettelusukset BLIZZARD RACING WRC TITANIUM, Power S, Ti2, woodcore + Marker Power 14.0 TCX ( TÄYDELLINEN kunto )
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Marker Power 14 TCX
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Downhill skis Blizzard WRC Racing Suspension are skis for fans of fast driving and longer bends.

The WRC Racing from Blizzard is a real racing ski - for everyday use on the slopes. The precision tool with a geometry based on the giant slalom impresses with its exact handling.

Shock absorbers and sandwich compound sidewall construction ensure smooth running, optimal power transmission and a snappy edge grip.

The ski tips have a Race Tip profile for even faster edge changes and maximum effective edge length. The result is direct tax behavior.

The WRC is a classic full-camber ski for experienced skiers who appreciate high speeds and long radius.


Sandwich Compound Sidewall - Wood, Titanium

Sidewall - full side panels guarantee power transmission, stability and control

Dura-tec - details increase durability and stability

Race Tip Profile - for precise swing initiation without minimizing performance

Full camber - full power distribution from the tip to the ski end with maximum edge grip and rebound