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EI MYYNNISSÄ ERIKSEEN – Ostettava vain erään meidän LUMILAUDOISTA kanssa.

  • Binding Model: Flux TT
  • Binding Size: Medium
  • Stance and Angles: Goofy, 21in wide, 15/-3
  • Board Used: Arbor Clovis 157
  • Boot Used: Ride Fuse
  • Rider Weight: 155lbs
  • Location: Keystone

Conditions: Early spring with warmer temps but enough snow that there weren’t any rocks poking out and the groomers were firm and fast.

Binding Adjustability: Everything is tool less. Highback rotation, strap adjusters, and forward lean. It’s all pretty easy to pull the bolts out and thread them back in where you need to.

Straps: Toe strap is super simple and conforms and cups your toe box really well. Flux were one of the first brands to introduce caps, and they are still one of the best fitting ones out there. The ankle strap is the biggest upgrade from 2017 and is the new style full composite hammock strap. It’s supportive in every direction and pretty dang comfy.

Ratchets: Smooth on and off with plenty of crank power. Flux have always had a bit of a unique ratchet and for me it’s always worked well, never bound up or frozen, and always release well.

Highbacks: Definitely on the shorter and softer side. A good chunk or torsional flex and a little bit of give straight back. A very tweakable and forgiving flex with just enough stiffness to keep it from feeling useless.

Binding Flex: On the softer side for sure, but the new ankle strap does add a bit more support. It’s a parkier jibbier binding with noticeable lateral flex. Enough to keep yourself on top of your board and centered.

Ride: More of a direct drive style. Not a ton of foam thickness underfoot in the toe or heel so you don’t get very much total shock absorption. It’s a trade off though cause you do get a ton of board feel out of it.

Rider in Mind: Entry level or no frills softer park binding.

Personal Thoughts: This is a solid basic binding, and the addition of the new ankle strap just makes it that much better. It was really what this binding needed to push it to the top of my list for bindings on a budget.

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This binding was loaned to us for review from Flux Bindings marketing department.

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