laskettelu/lumilautailu kypärä SLOKKER BALO, White/black, säädettävä ( UUSI )
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The Balo Helmet has an adaptive photochromatic and polarizing visor which ensures enhanced vision and on cloudy days and protection in direct sunlight. The visor’s orange tint makes it ideal for bad weather. The distinctive feature of this helmet’s mounted, movable visor also makes this helmet ideal for eyeglass wearers.

This super light helmet impresses with its stylish design and freeride look. This helmet offers all of the same quality features as the Raider; distinguished from that model by its two-tone colors. The helmet is constructed of a robust ABS shell and Coolmax interior ensuring both safety and comfort. The breathable Coolmax material is fast drying and designed to lead moisture away from the body. This contributes to a cool, dry, and pleasant interior climate while active. The helmet's size dial allows adjustments for a perfect fit and increased safety. Additional features for increased wearing comfort include 12 upper adjustable ventilation openings equipped with a slide that is easy to open and close and that works perfectly with gloves and cold hands, soft ear pads, and a padded, easy toggle chin strap. Meets EN1077 safety standards. Lens provides 100% UV ray protection. Weight, approximately 490g.


  • Mounted
  • movable visor with unique sighting technology in its adaptive 4-layer lens (photochromatic, polarized, anti-fog, & scratch resistant)
  • Coolmax interior
  • adjustable ventilation system
  • sizing dial

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