lumilauta BURTON PROGRESSION LTR WIDE, Green, woodcore, ROCKER
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HINTA ILMAN SITEITÄ: Siteet on mahdollista ostaa valintasi mukaan LUMILAUTASITEET -osastosta.

This Burton LTR Snowboard is the ultimate board for beginners who are ready to learn and step up to the plate with the big boys.

Don't believe that guy that says he was pulling frontside 360's his first day, everyone has to start somewhere and Burton teamed up with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors to develop a specialized Learn-To-Ride (LTR) snowboard that is easier for beginners to use. These LTR snowboards have been designed to specifically address the problems that beginner snowboarders have, like catching edges.

And you get all this from Burton, the leader in snowboard design. A fast and durable Lightspeed base gives speed and strength while keeping low maintenance demands. The Fly wood core with reduced weight adds response. These boards are used in good condition with normal wear and tear.

Handmade in Austria, Burton snowboards have a trademarked 3D mounting pattern that is NOT COMPATIBLE with all snowboard bindings. Make sure the bindings you intend to mount on a Burton board have the discs that are compatible with the 3D hole pattern.

- Through a combination of edge beveling, aggressive sidecut and super soft flex, the LTR board helps eliminate unwanted edge bites.

- The LTR line is designed to help you progress from beginner to intermediate rider with the least amount of pain and most fun possible.