lasten laskettelusukset HEAD MOJO JR, TWINTIP, freestyle + Tyrolia SP 7.5 ( TÄYDELLINEN kunto )
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335 €

115 €

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Tyrolia SP 4.5 / Tyrolia SP 7.5
Lasten / Nuorten
Suksien tyyppi:
Twintip / Vapaalasku / Freestyle / All mountain / All round
Laskettelijan tyyppi:
Aloittelija / Harrastaja / Edistynyt / Taitava

Reunat ja pohja virheettömänä.

These Mojo Junior Skis by Head are excellent options for experienced amateur young skiiers. The overall classic, streamlined design gives you great mobility and balance in any conditions. Wide framed construction gives a more stable forward end making it easier to stay on your feet while learning some of the more complex manuevers. Beginners have a lot to enjoy about these Head Mojo skis, for someone just starting out they are a viable choice that a new skiier can get a whole lot of use out of.