laskettelusukset NORDICA GT 74 S, evo energy ca wood + Nordica ADV 10
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Nordica ADV 10
Sukupuolineutraali / Miesten
Suksien tyyppi:
Pujottelusukset / All mountain / All round
Laskettelijan tyyppi:
Aloittelija / Harrastaja / Edistynyt
Suksien pituus:
144; 152;
124-75-102 (144cm); 124-75-102 (152cm);
11,5 (144cm); 12 (152cm);
75 (144cm); 75 (152cm);

Reunat ja pohja virheettömänä.

The Nordica GT 74 R skis are a fantastic choice for skiers who are looking to skip the rental line and get out there on the slopes to have some fun. If you're looking to purchase a fairly basic but well-made set of skis to get you out there, the GT 74 R is the way to go. Best for beginners, intermediates, and budged-friendly skiers who don't want to rent, the GT 74 is a fantastic choice. They're light, durable, and easy to use, thanks to the build and shape. At 74 mm underfoot, the skis have a nice and stable platform for you to stand on while you learn how to carve and skid turns all over the groomers. They're on the narrow side for all-mountain skiing, but are very stable and nice for the flatter terrain.Don't think you have to be on edge all the time, the composite core with a wood frame makes it easy and fun to mix up your turn shapes so you become a more versatile and well-rounded skier. That wood frame really makes a difference when it comes to edge grip, so it's a nice feature for a beginner and intermediate-level ski. If you're looking to get out there and have a nice time on the hill, and not spend a ton of money on a set of skis, the Nordica GT 74 R are a fantastic choice.

  • Composite Core
  • Wood Energy Frame
  • Full Camber


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