laskettelumonot HEAD ADAPT EDGE LTD 110, adaptive fit tech, easy entry, energy frame ( KERRAN käytetyt )
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Looking for a customized fit for your next pair of ski boots? The Head Adapt Edge 110 Ski Boots might have the most customization features of any boot on the market, all the while suiting a wide range of skiers, from aggressive or heavier intermediates through experts. These customization features are crucial in achieving maximum comfort and performance, dialing in boot flex and foot wrapping for top notch power transmission and snow feel. For muscular calves and lower legs, Head has also incorporated an adjustable spoiler, Spine-Tech buckles and a thermo-moldable liner for a perfect fit. Enjoy your best days on snow with the Head Adapt Edge 110 Ski Boots.

- Head Last Measurement : The last of a ski boot, or the internal width of the boot, is one of the most important fit factors. HEAD boots, shell and liner, are built around different lasts, each tuned to match the requirements of a certain type of skier.

- Adaptive Fit Technology : Head patented mechanism in the sole which allows the user to change the width of the boot from performance to comfort with one turn of the screw.

- Stiffer/Softer Flex Adjustment : An adjustment placed on the spine of the cuff to select between a stiffer or softer flex depending on snow condition and level of skiing.

- Perfect Fit HP Liner : Perfect Fit is a liner made entirely from a special blend of PE and EVA thermo-formable material that adapts to the individual foot and shell. The tongue is also made with thermo-formable material to complete the customization.

- 4 Micro-adjustable Spine-Tech alloy buckles : Spine-Tech buckles feature a constant traction closure point. This translates into a reduction in pressure points, an increased overlap between shell flaps, more comfort, and more precision.


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