laskettelusukset NORDICA FIRE ARROW 84 EDT, DOUBLE titanal + Marker EVO PRO 12 ( TÄYDELLINEN kunto )
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Marker EVO PRO 12
Sukupuolineutraali / Miesten
Suksien tyyppi:
Suurpujottelusukset / Vapaalasku / Freestyle / All mountain / All round
Laskettelijan tyyppi:
Harrastaja / Edistynyt / Taitava

Reunat ja pohja virheettömänä.

This versatile ski because of its size allows you to run turns all over the mountain.The spatula with a moderate racing profile ensures an easy turn start, while its Energy 2 Carbon tecnology sandwich construction consists of a wood and carbon core covering the edges, ensuring maximum stability, performance and instant responsiveness that inspires confidence.

- Rapid Race Profile: An aggressive tip profile makes Nordica's Frontside CamRock skis very easy to initiate and rapidly engages the sidecut in the beginning of the turn.
A reduced sidecut in the tip of the ski allows the ski to track straighter and cleaner at the bottom of the turn preventing "over steering."

The result is a faster ski that travels a shorter, cleaner, and more direct line.

- Evo Energy 2 Carbon: Full wood core with two sheets of carbon over the edges.
High performance sandwich construction at an affordable price. Confident stability and edge grip with a smooth and forgiving feel.

- ABS Sidewalls