laskettelusukset ATOMIC REDSTER XR, light woodcore + Atomic L10 Lithium
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Atomic L 10 lithium
Sukupuolineutraali / Miesten
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Pujottelusukset / All mountain / All round
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Aloittelija / Harrastaja / Edistynyt

The Atomic Redster XR ski that's extremely easy to control - designed to keep skiers learning the sport on their feet, give them bags of confidence and get them up and running in days.
Featuring Light Woodcore, Step Down Sidewall and a structured Top Sheet.

Atomic from Austria is the world's largest ski manufacturer and a master in designing skis for all levels.
The Redster XR is suitable for both novice and experienced skiers looking for a ski with grip on slopes.
With a 15 meter long multi slalom you can choose between different slalom and slalom slalom slaloms.A light wood core made of poplar makes the ski playful and easy to bend in the curves.
Sidewall constructions offer good precision and good edge grip. The ski is also equipped with Densolite technology, which has vibration-damping properties.

Features :

- Perfect for entry and mid level skiers- Easy to handle for powerless skiing- Light Woodcore ; Step Down Sidewall; Structured Top Sheet