uudet laskettelusukset STOCKLI GS TEAM 2019 - Ilman Siteitä ( UUDET )
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Suksien tyyppi:
Pujottelusukset / Suurpujottelusukset / All mountain / All round
Laskettelijan tyyppi:
Harrastaja / Edistynyt / Taitava
Suksien pituus:
139; 145; 151;
112-65-94 (139cm); 115-65-97 (145cm); 115-65-96 (151cm);
10,5 (139cm); 11 (145cm); 11,5 (151cm);
65 (139cm); 65 (145cm); 65 (151cm);

Reunat ja pohja virheettömänä.

The Stockli GS Team skis are a perfect choice for junior level racers who are looking to lay down some serious carves at high speeds. These things are built to rail turns, so be prepared for some amazing power and precision.

Built just like the adult version but in scaled-down sizing, the GS Team skis are burly and stiff, but still lively and predictable.

From the start gate, it's hard to block out all of the noise and distractions.

Knowing that you're on a pair of proper skis for the task at hand is of the utmost importance.

For elite ski racers who happen to be young, the Stockli GS Team skis are the perfect tools for the job.

With a size-appropriate turn radius, these skis are perfect for racing and carving all over the mountain, but if you are looking to lower your points or head up the ladder to the top of the podium, you need some quality sticks. Ski racing is a tricky sport, and the equipment means so much.

Do not take these things for granted when you're getting a new pair of race skis. When you lean into the turn, they'll take off and start ripping beautifully round GS turns the whole way down. GS is an awesome event because it's the easiest to do, but the hardest to win, so having the proper gear can make all the difference in the world. The Stockli GS Team skis are just the skis to get you to the next level.


- Sidecut : FIS

- Wood Core

- Sandwich Sidewall Construction

- Vario Racing Technology

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