lumilautasiteet BURTON PROPHECY, BLACK/grey/yellow
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Lumilautasite toimii täydellisesti, mutta jotkut osat voivat olla vaihdettu ja sen takia väreissä voi olla poikkeavuutta.

Burton Prophecy Snowboard Bindings: Freestyle fury at its best, the Burton Prophecy Snowboard Bindings offer the perfect amount of response, cushioning and natural flex. Slim in weight and ergonomically designed, the Burton Prophecy Bindings feature the Canted Living Hinge highbacks and RE:Flex FullBED cushioning system for a consistent ride that performs when you need it most.


  • Dual-Component RE:Flex baseplates have a minimized, cored design that increases board flex and feel. The Dual-Component design creates a ride that is softer underfoot, yet stiffer edge to edge for perfect balance, response and board feel. The Dual-Component design helps manipulate the flex of the highback for better response
  • Made of 30% Short-Glass/ Nylon Composite Spar and 11% Short-Glass Nylon Composite
  • NEW RE:Flex FullBED Cushioning System offers a full coverage, cushioned platform to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue


  • Dual-Component Canted Living Hinge Real Mesh Hi-Back with B3 Gel Cushioning. The Living Hinge eliminates hardware and weight while allowing you to adjust your forward lean and highback rotation independently. The Canted design is anatomically accurate, ergonomically designed to mirror the contours of your left and right legs for a more natural connection


  • NEW React Strap Air has minimized superstrap construction and is 3D Curved with a Triple Axis Spine. It is fully encapsulated with Air Padding and has constant contact with the boot
  • Gettagrip Capstrap is 3D curved and with an ultra-minimized construction and True Wrap Toe Winding Grip Fit, the Gettagrip strap is pure comfort and security

Additional Features

  • Dual-Component Smooth Glide Buckles are made of polished, chrome-plate aluminum and have lightweight polycarbonate levers that offer buttery smooth and reliable ratcheting power
  • Features Re-Ground Materials in baseplates to reduce waste
  • Compatible with any board