laskettelu/lumilautailu kypärä ATOMIC SAVOR 2019, BLACK/black, Air ventilation, säädettävä
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Simple design and maximum protection. This is exactly how the Atomic SAVOR R winter ski helmet is presented. The ABS Hard Shell system, which protects the head from above, from behind and from the sides, including the ears, takes care of the head protection. In addition, there is a washable area in the ear area. The helmet is compatible with ski goggles and a handset. The helmet can be individually adjusted thanks to the Size Adjustment technology. Passive Venting maintains a comfortable climate inside the helmet. The fastening is a classic buckle under the chin. Atomic SAVOR R is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. It is a basic, simple model, but it can rely on a solid shell.

It is very popular for all mountain skiing.
Technologies and parameters:

  • Life Fit - adaptable foam for different head shapes,
  • Size Adjustment - adjustable size,
  • Half ABS Hard Shell - ABS shell, impact resistant,
  • Passive Venting - ventilation system,
  • Removable and washable Full Cap Lining - removable ear parts, with the possibility of cleaning,


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